February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Across America, dental professionals are raising awareness about the importance of good dental care for young smiles. On February 27th, Dr. Truong and our team will be celebrating by hosting our third annual Give Kids a Smile event. Find out how your children may qualify for free dental cleanings and sealants.

Give Kids a Smile

With Give Kids a Smile, we offer free preventive treatment to children under the ages of 12. The event will be hosted at our Richardson office on Friday, February 27th. The services offered will include a thorough dental cleaning and the placement of dental sealants. If your child needs to see the dentist or requires a cleaning, we urge you to bring him/her to our office. We can also answer questions and educate you and your children on the best methods of maintaining healthy smiles.

What are Dental Sealants?

With dental sealants, we actually safeguard young smiles against the onset of decay. Tooth decay often forms when food particles become trapped between teeth. Since they aren’t removed with brushing and flossing, bacteria break down the particles, coating the teeth in plaque in the process. Over time, plaque can weaken enamel and lead to an increased risk of tooth decay.

We can coat the molars in the rear of the mouth with a special plastic material. These teeth are often the most difficult for a child to reach when brushing or flossing. The material stops food from becoming stuck between teeth and will simply wear away with time.

Why Kids Need Cleanings

A dental cleaning not only brightens a child’s teeth, but also helps prevent gingivitis. A cleaning allows our team to remove plaque from the teeth, something brushing and flossing alone doesn’t accomplish.


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