Do you need cosmetic dentistry? If you have teeth that have been dulled due to discoloration or have become damaged, cosmetic dentistry can help restore smiles to their former glory. In addition, many of the procedures can also address misalignment and other visual problems. Find out how you can obtain a stunning new smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Quiz

1. True or False: You have multiple options for whitening teeth.

2. True or False: Dental bonding can repair damaged teeth in one visit.

3. True or False: Veneers can address multiple esthetic issues with one procedure.

4. True or False: If you have a “gummy smile” then you may benefit from gum contouring.

Answer Key

1. True. We can brighten your teeth from our office or from the comfort of your own home. The office system involves coating the teeth in a bleaching gel and activating this with a special curing light. The result is a brighter smile in about an hour. The home-based system involves wearing a set of custom-made trays that have been filled with bleaching gel. You will wear the trays each day for a set amount of time, the entire treatment taking about one to two weeks.

2. True. With dental bonding, we coat teeth in the same substance we use for tooth-colored fillings. The material can repair damaged teeth, fill cavities, and reshape the tooth in just once visit.

3. True. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain we place over the front of a tooth. The restorations correct gaps, the appearance of misalignment, teeth stains, and damaged/misshapen teeth in as little as two visits.

4. True. Excessive gingival tissue can make teeth appear small and hurt the appearance of your smile. With contouring, we gently remove excess gum with a safe and comfortable dental laser.


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