vivagrindingDo you frequently grind your teeth or clench your jaw? If so, then you may experience a number of uncomfortable symptoms. Over time, you can even develop chipped or fractured teeth. How do you stop grinding your teeth? With the right treatment you can experience a reduction in grinding episodes.

Try Our Teeth Grinding Quiz

1. True or False: Stress can cause bruxism.

2. True or False: You may not be aware you grind your teeth.

3. True or False: Grinding and clenching can damage your teeth.

4. True or False: We offer a variety of treatment options.

Answer Key

1. True. If you have a lot of anxiety in your daily life then you may be more likely to grind your teeth. Other factors that can promote teeth grinding include tooth loss, malocclusion, and trauma to the face or jaw. In order to treat the issue we need to first identify the causes.

2. True. As a result, many patients don’t even know they grind or clench their teeth. However, there are a few symptoms to watch for, including headaches, earaches, pain in the jaw, toothaches or sensitive teeth, and damaged teeth. If you experience one or more of these symptoms then we urge you to see a dental professional right away.

3. True. When you consistently grind your teeth you can wear away enamel and even crack or chip your teeth. Damaging the outer enamel allows bacteria to reach the more sensitive inner layers of tooth structure. Once this occurs, an infection could develop that endangers the health and stability of your smile.

4. True. To address misalignment we can offer orthodontic treatment, which eases the strain on the jaw joints. We can also address malocclusion with a dental restoration, such as a crown or veneer. To prevent further damage as a result of bruxism we may also offer a custom-made mouthguard.


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