viva gum contouringDo you have a gummy smile? This means your smile displays too much gum tissue, making teeth appear small or uneven. If so, we can recommend a cosmetic treatment to improve the beauty of your smile. Do you have questions about gum contouring? How do you keep your gums healthy and beautiful?

Frequently Asked Questions About Gum Contouring

Question: When do we need contouring?

Answer: If you feel like your smile shows excessive gingival tissue, then contact us. We will examine your smile and see if you benefit from this cosmetic treatment. Showing too much gum could be the result of a hyperactive muscles in the upper lip or developmental issues.

Question: How does the procedure work?

Answer: First, the doctor will numb the area receiving treatment with a local anesthetic. Then, the doctor will use the Electrosurge system to remove the excess gum tissue. Electrosurge uses an electric current to safely and comfortably remove the tissue and allow the doctor to reshape the gums. The procedure also cauterizes the area, meaning patients experience little to no bleeding or swelling, as well as a significantly reduced risk of infection when compared to scalpel use.

Question: How do we maintain healthy gums?

Answer: You should brush and floss daily and have your teeth cleaned twice a year. We also suggest you avoid tobacco products.

Question: What are the warning signs of gum-related problems?

Answer: Our gums are very important. In addition to cosmetic concerns, we urge patients not to ignore any changes to your gingival tissue, such as redness, soreness, or bleeding. These could be warning signs of gingivitis. Treating gingivitis early can help protect your smile from the onset of gum disease.


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