Recently, people have been talking about a unique way to remove teeth stains: charcoal whitening. While this does offer a brighter smile, there are a few serious risks our Dallas, TX, patients should be aware of. Let’s talk about the dangers of charcoal whitening!

What Causes Stains to Appear?

First, let’s talk about why teeth stains form. Multiple factors in our daily life could lead to the onset of discoloration. Foods and drinks high in sugar promote plaque buildup, which makes stains more apparent. Likewise, lack of proper brushing and flossing impacts the shade of our teeth. Smoking and tobacco use has also been known to lead to unsightly stains, as well as a greater risk of developing cancer. As you can see, a few minor changes in your daily life could help your teeth stay brighter!

The Dangers of Charcoal Whitening

A recent trend, many people are embracing charcoal whitening to remove discoloration and brighten their teeth. Charcoal absolutely brightens teeth, but the catch is in how this works. Charcoal doesn’t break up and remove stains like teeth whitening treatments would. Instead, the extremely abrasive material actually wears away layers of your teeth. As you lose your outer enamel, the risks of sensitivity, tooth decay, and other oral health problems increases. In addition, the risk of intrinsic teeth stains, which form below the enamel and are hard to remove, increases. While you do obtain fast results, your oral health suffers and you may find yourself needing treatment to restore your smile.

Professional Whitening Options

Instead of putting your smile at risk, why not talk to our team about professional teeth whitening? With our in-office procedure, we remove stains in one visit. We also have Opalescence Whitening trays, which address minor and severe teeth stains in as little as a week, all from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions, then please contact our team today!

Do You Have Stained Teeth?

We have safe and convenient treatment options to remove discoloration and help you enjoy a brighter smile. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling the Viva Dental Family Dentistry office nearest you at (214) 337-7800 (Dallas) or (972) 437-6000 (Richardson).