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Our team provides family dentistry to help patients of all ages enjoy good oral health and a smile that looks beautiful too. With 2023 coming to a close, you may be considering a few resolutions for the New Year, and we think you should include your smile! In today’s blog, your Richardson, TX, family dentist talks about protecting your smile in 2024!

Better Brushing and Flossing

Make a resolution to brush and floss your teeth properly in 2024! Daily care can help kids and adults alike enjoy better oral health and a limited risk of complications like tooth decay and gum disease. You should find time to brush twice a day for two minutes. You can use a manual toothbrush, but Sonicare electric toothbrushes, available in our office, can provide more thorough brushing. Be sure you use a fluoride toothpaste! Kids three and younger should use a rice-sized amount, and everyone else can use a pea-sized blot. To reach what a toothbrush alone cannot, you also need to floss every evening before you brush the second time, which treats the particles of sugar and starch caught between teeth or along the gum line. For added protection, you could also use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue each night!

Watching What You Eat and Drink

The holidays are a sugar-obsessed dime of the year for kids and grownups alike. But watching what you eat and enjoying your sugary treats in moderation can help you fight the risk of tooth decay. Be sure to consume fewer items high in sugar and starch, and if you do, follow them with a glass of water to help rinse your smile. Better nutrition can help with whole body wellness, and also safeguard the health of your teeth and gums too.

Seeing Us for Checkups!

You can give us a call now to schedule your first checkup and cleaning of 2024, so you and your loved ones can start the year with brighter and healthier smiles. Our team can conduct detailed examinations for each member of your family, including pediatric evacuations for the little ones. Should we discover an area of concern, we can start planning treatment. We also clean your teeth in the same visit, removing plaque and tartar to help brighten teeth and lower the risk of cavities and periodontal concerns. If you have any questions about starting 2024 with your best smile, then please reach out to our team today!

Your Richardson, TX, Dentist Wants Your Smile to Shine in ‘24    

Our team wants to help you enjoy a strong and healthy smile. For more information on protecting your oral health, then please schedule a consultation by calling the Viva Dental Family Dentistry office nearest you at (214) 337-7800 (Dallas) or (972) 437-6000 (Richardson).