Little Girl with Pigtails Feels a Little Anxious at the DentistIdeally, your little one should visit the dentist for the first time a little after his or her first birthday. However, life isn’t always ideal and your child might be in preschool or even kindergarten before stepping foot in a dentist’s office. This can present some challenges for parents, especially if your child feel scared or anxious before experiencing new things. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to your child’s dental visit go smoothly so your little one can enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Preparing for a Visit to the Dentist

People, no matter what their age, feel anxious about trying new things. Learning more about a new experience helps to ease that anxiety for children as well as adults. Therefore, helping your child become familiar with what to expect prior to his or her appointment can result in a more pleasant experience. Your library or local bookstore have lots of fun books designed to help children look forward to visiting the dentist. In addition, websites like YouTube are packed with helpful animated videos that help prepare children for their first dental visit.

In the Waiting Room

Most dentists who serve younger patients have books, magazines, toys, and even video games in the waiting room to keep kids engaged before the appointment. When scheduling your child’s appointment, ask if your dentist offers any of these amenities. If they don’t, bring along a few favorite books, an electronic device with games, and even a stuffed animal to keep little minds and hands busy.

During the Appointment

Most dentists allow parents to stay in the exam room for their child’s visit to provide security and support. The best thing you can do as a parent is remain calm and collected throughout the appointment. Children pick up on their parents’ moods easily, so if you’re tense or anxious, your little one will likely feel anxious.


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