We’re excited to announce the newest member of the Viva Dental family, Dr. Alon Shalev! Dr. Shalev will be providing periodontal treatments, and also providing treatments, like wisdom tooth extraction and dental implant placement. Your Dallas and Richardson, TX, dentist is so proud to watch our office grow and expand, helping people in our communities of all ages maintain optimal oral health and complete smiles. In today’s blog, we would like to talk a little about Dr. Shalev, and the treatments that he is offering our patients. If you think your smile needs the treatments offered by our newest team member, remember that consultations are free!

Meet Our New Doctor

Dr. Alon Shalev just joined our team! He’s an experienced periodontist who strives to deliver high-quality care that best serves the needs of each individual patient. He was inspired to enter the dentistry field by his father, who is also a dentist. He completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in 2005. Then in 2010, he earned his Master of Health Management from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. After that, Dr. Shalev continued his education with a Master of Science degree from the University of Minnesota and a periodontics specialty certificate. He’s a member of the American Academy of Periodontology and has published multiple papers in major scientific journals. He has experience working in and running dental practices, and offers everything from implant and cosmetic dentistry to micro-surgery and gum disease treatment.

When not in the office, he likes to travel with his wife and kids to explore new places, play different sports, and enjoy fine cuisine. He volunteers his time to provide dental care for veterans with PTSD, and also finds time to lecture and teach continuing education courses. We’re so excited to have him on our team, and consultations for his services will be free for our patients!

Gum Disease Treatment

According to the Centers for Disease Control, half of adults 30 and older suffer from periodontal disease, and this could eventually lead to discomfort and even tooth loss! Many of our patients need care for this disease, keeping their smiles whole and healthy. To manage periodontal disease and safeguard smiles, Dr. Shalev will be offering an array of periodontal treatments, including gum contouring to remove excessive tissues and reshape the gum line, offering a more attractive smile. We also have gum grafting and guided bone regeneration to prevent the damage caused by untreated gum disease, reversing gingival recession and transforming your smile. He is also experienced in performing frenectomies, deep cleanings, and other procedures to help protect smiles from the impact of gum disease a. In addition, he is happy to perform oral cancer screenings and other preventive procedures to make sure your smile isn’t at risk of developing serious oral health issues. Treating and managing disease helps ensure optimal oral health, and prevents major complications, including adult tooth loss.

Oral Surgery

Dr. Shalev has years of experience in providing oral surgery, from minor procedures like an extraction or crown lengthening, to more involved procedures such as dental implant placement. He also has experience in administering sedation, including IV sedation, to help you enter a calm and relaxed state. He will answer your questions and concerns, and help you understand the procedures you’ll be undergoing. Instructions will be provided for aftercare, to ensure a complication-free healing process. We want to ensure you feel calm and comfortable, even if you suffer from dental anxiety!

Dental Implants

When people lose one or more of their natural teeth, this could lead to a host of major complications, including further tooth loss and an aged appearance. To replace your missing teeth and preserve your smile, you may benefit from the appearance of one or more dental implants, which could be used to secure a single replacement tooth or support a set of fixed dentures. Your new teeth then have the potential to last decades to come, possibly even a lifetime, and boasts a 90% success rate. The materials used to craft them will be color-matched to blend with your smile, and provide a durable and dependable chewing surface. He knows how to plan and implement dental implant placement to ensure a full smile. From the initial exams and planning, to the placement procedure itself, he is ready to help you enjoy a full, functional, and beautiful smile once again.


Sometimes to prevent the spread of disease or infection, or prevent major complications like misalignment or wisdom tooth impaction, certain ones need to be extracted completely. He is experienced in this area, and can perform a comfortable and efficient tooth extraction to prevent problems due to wisdom tooth eruption, and also the spread of infection or disease due to loose or infected teeth. Wisdom teeth don’t need to be replaced, but if you lose one or more teeth, then our team could discuss possible replacement options, including advanced dental implant placement.

If you have any questions about these services, then remember that he offers free consultation for his services, and is ready to work alongside our team to improve the health, beauty, and function of your smile. It’s never too late to start your journey toward a better smile, and we’re here to help! If you have COVID-19 concerns, our team is still practicing strict health and safety measures to protect both our patients and our team members, including the administration of advanced technology to clean and disinfect the air and surfaces throughout our office several times a day.

Your Dallas, TX, Dentist Talks About Our Periodontic Services

With our newest team member, we can address periodontal disease and even common oral surgical procedures. For more information on how our latest team member can help your family’s smiles, then please schedule a consultation by calling the Viva Dental Family Dentistry office nearest you at (214) 337-7800 (Dallas) or (972) 437-6000 (Richardson). We want to help address serious oral health issues and improve your smile.