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Now that summer break is in full swing, many kids are enjoying laying around and enjoying their favorite sugary foods and drinks. While we want kids to enjoy their time off, we also want them to protect their smiles from cavities! After all, harmful bacteria might like sugar just as much as you do! In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, family dentist talks about the impact of too much sugar in your diet.

Sugar and Enamel Erosion

There are over 600 types of bacteria in your mouth, and most of them are benign! But a few could cause serious oral health concerns, such as tooth decay and even gum disease. Many of these cavity-causing bacteria love to break down the particles left behind by the foods and drinks you’ve consumed. When they consume these particles, this can elevate the levels of oral acidity in your smile. Your teeth are also coated in layers of plaque, a bacterial byproduct that erodes enamel and irritates the gums to increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Which is why limiting your intake is so important for keeping your smile healthy!

The Surprising Places You Find Sugar

You may know to avoid candy, snack cakes, and sodas. These obviously have a high amount of sugar. But there are also other items you need to be wary of. For example, did you know dried fruit contains a lot of sugar, and can become stuck to your teeth? Fresh fruit contains water that helps rinse away particles, unlike dried fruits. Seemingly healthy drinks like fruit juice and sports drinks also contain high amounts!

Healthy Snacks and Drinks

You can drink water during the stay to stay hydrated and also to help cleanse your smile of harmful particles. Fresh fruits and veggies make great smile-healthy snacks, as do whole grain breads and dairy products, like low-fat yogurt, cheeses, and milk. Many of these options are high in vitamin C, which helps your smile stay strong.

Brush and Floss!

To remove trapped particles, you need to brush twice a day for two minutes, and also floss every evening before you brush for the second time. These actions help lower your risk of cavities and gum disease!

Dental Cleanings

Be sure you attend cleaning visits every six months, so we can remove all plaque and tartar, and then posh your smile afterward!

Your Dallas, TX, Dentist Offers Healthier Smiles

With a healthy diet and good oral hygiene, you can keep your smile bright and strong. For more information on protecting your family’s teeth and gums, then please schedule a consultation by calling the Viva Dental Family Dentistry office nearest you at (214) 337-7800 (Dallas) or (972) 437-6000 (Richardson).