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Whether due to injury or gum disease, tooth loss could occur and without treatment, this could impact how you eat and even how you speak. Fortunately, in addition to care to prevent tooth loss, we could offer a custom-made dental prosthetic. In today’s blog, your Richardson, TX, dentist talks about implant dentistry and more!

The Factors Behind Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be a serious concern for adults, just as premature tooth loss can negatively impact young smiles too. In adulthood, we could lose teeth to injuries, untreated cavities or infection, or in most cases, the advanced stage of gum disease. For grownups, this means complications with eating and speaking, and could even lead to issues with our appearance, creating a higher likelihood of a prematurely aged appearance. For kids, losing baby teeth early could alter how permanent teeth erupt, leading to misalignment and other complications, including changes in how kids breathe at night. In childhood, premature tooth loss could be linked to untreated cavities or infections, or due to injuries. When you or a member of your family loses a tooth, then let us know right away!


To help prevent lost teeth in kids and adults, we need to maintain good oral hygiene and ensure proper gum health. Be sure to see our team for a checkup and cleaning every six months, so we can watch for the early signs of trouble and provide treatment to preserve your smile. We also clean the teeth, a process that removes the humorful buildup linked to issues like tooth decay and gum disease. At home, make sure everyone is brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, and flossing every evening. Try to cut back on sugar and starch in your diet, and avoid tobacco products. These factors help keep the teeth healthy and strong, and reduce the risk of missing teeth.

Dental Prosthetics

For kids, we could look at treatments to help guide the growth and development of the permanent following tooth loss and limit poor alignment. For adults, we could offer dental prosthetics to address the gaps in the smile, such as dental implants, which look and function like natural teeth. We can use dental implants to replace individual missing teeth, or to secure a bridge or denture, allowing the prosthetic to last far longer than traditional bridges or removable dentures.

If you have any questions about avoiding lost teeth or addressing the missing teeth in your smile, then reach out to our team today.

Your Richardson, TX, Dentist Can Replace Your Lost Teeth    

Our team is ready to help you enjoy a complete smile with a lifelike dental prosthetic. For more information on prosthetic dentistry, then please schedule a consultation by calling the Viva Dental Family Dentistry office nearest you at (214) 337-7800 (Dallas) or (972) 437-6000 (Richardson).